Your Dentist Provides Comprehensive Oral Care

How does your dentist help you stay healthy? Most people know that they can go to their dentist if they chip a tooth or have a toothache. Because of this, they may not realize how many other health problems your dentist can help you with. A full-service dental practice provides comprehensive oral health care. Bad […]

Periodontal Disease Is Linked To Systemic Diseases

What do your gums do? The soft tissue in your mouth, like skin, has an essential job. It safeguards the roots of your teeth. It also provides a barrier for the connective tissues and ligaments that hold your teeth in their sockets. Plus the alveolar bone in which your teeth are anchored. What is gum […]

Oral Cancer Screenings: A Big Difference in Lewisville TX

When it comes to oral cancer mortality rates, the statistics are sobering. Early diagnosis is essential, which is why The Lewisville Dentist in Lewisville TX provides oral cancer screenings. Two numbers are key: 40% and 90%. 40% of those who receive a late-stage diagnosis die within five years. However, the survival rate for early stage […]

Patient Education and Oral Health in Lewisville TX

At The Lewisville Dentist, we are committed to guiding our patients to excellent oral health, and a big part of that is through patient education. Good dental health depends on good habits, so we want you to have all the information you need to practice those habits. Teeth, after all, are living structures, even though […]

5 Critical Oral Cancer Facts

At The Lewisville Dentist we encourage people to come in twice a year for a dental examination and cleaning.  If you avoid semiannual dental checkups because you don’t believe you have any dental caries, perhaps getting an oral cancer screening is a more persuasive reason to make an appointment. In the last few decades, lung and breast […]