Dental Technology

Digital x-ray view of a tooth; intraoral camera and dental laser are also available at The Lewisville Dentist.
In today’s world, having a beautiful smile is essential. Having a healthy smile and mouth is also essential. At The Lewisville Dentist. Dr. Nancy Goodman and her caring, well-trained team are dedicated to giving you a brilliant, healthy smile. One effective way to do this is to offer top-of-the-line dental technology. Some of the dental technologies we employ are: the digital x-ray, the intraoral camera and the dental laser.

Dental Technologies We Use:


Finding and treating cavities never has been easier or more effective since the digital x-ray system was invented. The days of putting uncomfortable cardboard films in your mouth are over. Using the digital x-ray system DIAGNOdent dental laser, Dr. Goodman uses the dental laser to scan your teeth individually in crevices not seen with traditional dental x-ray methods. Using this digital x-ray dental laser system, the pictures detected from the dental laser are projected onto a computer screen. The dentist can see and capture on saved screens the trouble areas in your smile with amazing precision. Using this digital x-ray dental laser system, our excellent dental team can give you the most modern, effective, comprehensive dental exams available today.

One of the most amazing dental technology marvels is the dental laser used to whiten teeth. At The Lewisville Dentist, we offer ZOOM!® teeth whitening. Using a patented system, the dentist paints on a special tooth whitening gel which is then activated with a special dental laser. The dental laser activates the gel. This process is done two to three times and takes about an hour. The Zoom teeth whitening system using a dental laser is remarkably effective, works quickly and can last a long time, if you do touch up treatments. The Zoom system using a dental laser can bring your teeth up to five or more shades whiter!


It may surprise you that there are many thousands of Americans who have oral cancer and don’t even know it. Unfortunately, often by the time it’s diagnosed, the recovery rate is substantially low. The good news is, when oral cancer is diagnosed early, the recovery rate is remarkably high. Because we want you to have the best oral health possible, we use the VELScope intraoral camera to screen the inside of your mouth and your gums. The VELScope intraoral camera system has you rinse your mouth with a special rinse. Then, using the VELScope intraoral camera, the dentist scans all your soft tissue and the results are projected on a screen that you can see. Using this VELScope intraoral camera system, your dentist can detect any anomalies in your mouth and make an informed diagnosis and treatment plan. We offer the VELScope intraoral camera exam to all our patients so you can be assured that your oral health is all it can be.


Digital x-rays help our dentists diagnose and treat dental issues before they grow into a serious problem. Aside from the speed at which we can access them, digital x-rays have several advantages over traditional film x-rays. First and foremost, patients experience 80% less radiation. The image quality is also higher and able to be manipulated to reveal important details. Digital x-rays can be easily sent to orthodontists or other specialists outside our practice.

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For the most cutting edge dental technology near Coppell and Flower Mound, TX, look no further than The Lewisville Dentist. To learn more about the tools we use to deliver healthy, attractive smiles to our patients, give us a call today!