Special Needs Dentistry

Special needs dentistry in lewisville, TX

Lewisville dentist helping out a geriatric patient.

We Work With Special Needs Patients of All Ages

The Lewisville Dentist provides high-quality geriatric dentistry and special needs dentistry, ensuring that all patients can feel comfortable and safe at our practice. Not all dentists have the tools and experience to properly accommodate for patient disabilities, but Dr. Baugh leaves no patient behind.

Who Can We Help?

We are experienced in helping a wide variety of patients with disabilities in the Dallas metro area. We welcome patients with any of the following special needs and more:


  • Patients suffering from diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.
  • Patients on the autism spectrum: these patients deserve a dentist for autism who knows how to help them have a stress-free and comfortable experience.
  • Patients who struggle with anxiety, panic, or traumatic memories triggered by the sights, sounds, or smells of a dental office.
  • Very young patients or patients with a severe gag reflex or severe physical or mental disabilities that make them unable to sit still in the dental chair or cooperate with treatment.
  • Patients who are in treatment or recovery from cancer or who have underlying medical problems such as diabetes, heart problems, or high blood pressure.
  • Healthy patients who have had dangerous or unpleasant reactions to local anesthetics.
  • Patients who have not achieved the desired pain relief outcome from local anesthetics.

How We Can Help

All of these difficulties can be monitored and controlled with the administration of sedation or anesthesia by a dentist skilled in treating patients with disabilities. Patients can experience painless and stress-free dentistry, getting the dental care they need for their oral health without any awareness of the treatment being done. When necessary in cases of more complex or severe disabilities, we may consult with the patient’s physician or specialist to ensure the highest quality of care.

Your Initial Visit

Your first consultation with our highly-trained team will be very thorough, including each of the following steps:


  1. We will go over your or your loved one’s detailed medical history to ensure an accurate diagnosis.
  2. We will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of both special needs and dental health goals to devise a treatment plan.
  3. You will be provided with a full list of all services we recommend and their associated costs.
  4. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions you have and fully explore your concerns.
  5. If everything meets your approval, you will sign the consent form for your treatment.
  6. You will be given specific instructions on how to prepare yourself or your loved one for the upcoming appointment.

Schedule Your Dental Appointment with The Lewisville Dentist

Every patient, no matter their situation, deserves professional and compassionate treatment from their dental team. That is what we provide to our patients at the Lewisville Dentist. If you think you or your loved one with disabilities could benefit from what we offer, call 469-708-4713 or contact us to schedule an initial visit today.

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