Tooth Sensitivity Treatment At The Lewisville Dentist

Have you ever been eating an ice cream cone when you felt a sudden shock of pain in one of your teeth? If the enamel has eroded, or the gums have receded, the dentin layer of the tooth is exposed. The substances that cause tooth pain travel to the pulp where the nerves of the […]

Quality Dental Care in Lewisville: A Responsible Investment

Preparing to pay for vital dental care in Lewisville can be a daunting undertaking. The good news is that the expense may be far less than you imagined. Knowing exactly what you need is crucial to begin planning your budget for dental work, and at The Lewisville Dentist we can help you with this crucial […]

Multi-Procedure Visits to The Lewisville Dentist Saves Time And Money

If you are planning extensive cosmetic dental work, you may be wondering whether to do it all at once or one procedure at a time over an extended period. Here are some factors to consider when visiting The Lewisville Dentist: The Cost In the long run, it is less costly to do it all at […]

Total Tooth Restoration

Your face is always on display for others to see. You can’t hide it behind long sleeves, baggy jeans, or a hat. Many lucky Lewisville residents who have received smile makeovers at The Lewisville Dentist believe their dazzling new smile brightens their whole face. Some Dallas professionals have corrected tooth problems prior to beginning a […]

Does Your Dentist Conjure Up Cavities?

Cavities can be filled, but it is better to prevent cavities in the first place. If your dentist seems to conjure up cavities at every visit, then it’s up to you to break the cycle. But we are here to help you. Let’s work together. How can you lift the cavity curse? Schedule a preventative […]

What Does Your Saliva Reveal?

Lewisville dentists know that a mouth examination can reveal problems in other parts of the patient’s body. Because many diseases manifest in soft tissues of the mouth or cause pain in the jaw, dentists often refer patients to their medical doctor for further diagnosis when they encounter issues such as inflammation, chronic bad breath, bleeding […]

Not Happy With Your Lewisville Dentist?

Hello Texas friends! Welcome to The Lewisville Dentist in Lewisville, Texas. We provide general dentistry, restorative dentistry, and industry-leading cosmetic dentistry for the whole family. Our services include: sedation dentistry dental implants Invisalign dentures Immediate care for dental emergencies Strong, natural looking restorations A clean, comfortable, and friendly dental atmosphere to make your experience as […]

Our Top Priority At The Lewisville Dentist In Lewisville

At The Lewisville Dentist, our passion is helping Dallas patients achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. Dr. Jessfor Baugh’s considerable experience, advanced skills, and exacting standards ensure the ultimate in patient satisfaction. Because each Lewisville man, woman, and child has unique dental needs, we develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses each patient’s […]

5 Reasons To Get To Know The Lewisville Dentist

Hello Lewisville residents! My name is Dr. Jessfor Baugh. My dental practice, The Lewisville Dentist, has been serving the Coppell, Valley Ranch, and Flower Mound area since 2003. My involved staff has helped me create a dental practice where we treat patients of all ages with superior experience and care. We are currently accepting new […]