Worried About Dental Visits In Lewisville, Texas?

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“How can I deal with anxiety about visiting the dentist for the first time?”

1. Consider what the anxiety stems from. For example: pain, injections, loss of control, personal space invasion, embarrassment about fear of the unknown.
2. Discuss these fears and concerns with your dentist.
3. Expect respectful consideration and open discussion about resolving concerns.

The Lewisville Dentist has been helping anxious patients relax and feel comfortable since 2003.

Fear of pain is a natural human response. Not knowing what the process will entail can be formidable. Allowing Dr. Jessfor Baugh to professionally address your concerns today makes tomorrow’s visits straightforward for both parties.

Located at 297 W FM 3040, Ste 127, Lewisville, Texas 75067, we provide distinctive expertise in many areas of dentistry. Education, training, and certifications are important to our office conduct. We would be happy to see patients throughout the Dallas area for any procedures needed. We perform services such as Invisalign, teeth whitening, sedation dentistry, dentures, and dental implants. If those don’t address your needs there are many more we haven’t mentioned.

We invite you to set up a consultation to discuss any of the following questions:

What is the price of Invisalign invisible braces?
Are braces an option for my tooth crowding?
What is the cost of dental crowns?
Do I have a need for a root canal?
How do dental bridges work?
What is the cost of teeth whitening and stain removal?
What is laser teeth whitening?
What is the price of porcelain veneers?
What is dental bonding?
What are dental implants?

We understand you may be traveling from Dallas, Flower Mound, Coppell, or Valley Ranch to visit our office in Lewisville, Texas. Please don’t let the unknown keep you from receiving the quality dental care that will ensure a healthy smile. We have answers for your dental questions.

You might be interested in cosmetic dentistry. Even if you are nervous about the procedures, remember, smile makeovers build courage in the long run. You will enjoy your healthy, beautiful smile long after you forget the anxiety of the dental treatment. Knowledge brings power to anyone afraid of dental care. Dr. Jessfor Baugh can educate and provide information valuable to you from your first visit onward.

Call us to set up an informative meeting at (214) 731-7925, whether you have urgent issues or simply need an exam and cleaning. Count on The Lewisville Dentist to put you at ease.

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The Lewisville Dentist
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Lewisville, Texas 75067
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