Why Improve Your Smile?

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Causes and consequences of poor dental health and how you can brush up on your own Most of us struggle with at least one area of our dental care. It could be that flossing is the one dreaded task, or maybe you haven’t been wearing the night guard recommended often enough. All of us should…

Treatment For Stress-Induced Jaw Pain

Treatment For Stress Induced Jaw Pain In Lewisville

Everyday dilemmas cause some people to respond by clenching their jaw or grinding their teeth. Daily commuting, work problems, or an overpacked schedule are some persistent culprits. Teeth grinding and jaw clenching can trigger or exacerbate a painful condition called TMD or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. TMD is often mistakenly called ‘TMJ,’ the acronym for temporomandibular…

Stress And Your Child’s Smile

Lewisville how stress hurts your teeth

Doctors have been telling us for years that stress can increase the risk of everything from high blood pressure to depression. But how often do we think about how stress affects our smile? And what about your child’s smile? Children are just as susceptible to stress-induced oral problems. Here are some dental problems linked to…